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dental insurance

We will file all professional services with you insurance company as a COURTESY TO YOU. We only require you have all of your insurance information available for our front staff. We require you pay your portion on the day services are rendered which will include your copay and a deductible if you have not met it for the year.

Dental benefits vary from insurance company to insurance company. We will make every effort to determine your benefits and help explain them to you. We understand it is very confusing. We will make every effort to make estimates of your treatment based on the limited information your insurance company gives to us. Our estimates are simply ESTIMATES, and you may owe money after insurance pays. We may have to send you a bill or we may owe you a refund.

When we verify benefits, many insurance companies have their employees end the call with the statement that the information is NOT A GUARANTEE of coverage. For comprehensive and extensive treatment plans, we are happy to file a pre-estimate with your insurance company to more accurately determine what compensation you may receive.

We will prepare all necessary paperwork to file your treatment to your insurance company based on the information the company gives us. Please realize we do this as a courtesy and it is very tedious to deal with claims and paperwork, but we do this so you do not have to make FULL payment to us on the day treatment is rendered. Please be patient with our staff if your insurance company tries to be problematic and not pay. They may have you call the company yourself so please remember we are a third party and here to help YOU maximize benefits. Your dental coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company.

DENTAL INSURANCE COMPANIES are in the business of making and saving money. They will try to only pay for the treatment which is least expensive regardless of which treatment is best for the patient. The treatment we recommend is what we feel will be the best treatment for your long-term health. We would do you a disservice if we were to base your treatment only on what your company will pay for you.

To ensure that you receive the highest level of attention and service you deserve, we have chosen not to belong to any managed care plan which attempts to dictate your treatment based on saving the insurance company money. We feel your freedom of choice in a dental provider offers you the chance to have the excellence in the quality of care you deserve and ultimately a lifelong commitment to a healthy and comfortable mouth and smile.